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{Artificial Intelligence}

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots & Assistants


IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament Smart Homes Semi Finalists 2016
Hackster / Arduino / Microsoft World Maker Challenge First Phase Winners
AT&T Foundry Winners 2016
Intel / Microsoft / IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon Intel Experts Award Winners
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{Artificial Intelligence Assistants}

The TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence Platform brings the power of A.I to the TechBubble EcoSystem.

We provide Artificially Intelligent Hybrid Applications that allow your visitors to communicate with your websites via speech or text, making your online presence more effective and making you stand out from the crowd.

We also have projects involving integrating A.I. with smart home technologies such as TASS, an Artificially Intelligent video camera.

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{Custom A.I. Solutions}

TechBubble Technologies can undertake a wide range of A.I. related projects, from computer vision to natural linguistics.

If you would like to speak to us regarding your project feel free to drop us a message or submit a quote/brief through your customer account.

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TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence
TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence

{A.I. Hybrid Apps}

A.I. Hybrid Applications are Artificially Intelligent Hybrid Applications that use the power of machine learning to assist visitors to your TechBubble Technologies Hybrid Application. Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Applications are powered by TOA, the TechBubble Online Assistant.

These unique systems provide an online presence that can not only be accessed on desktop devices, mobile devices and from within Facebook as Facebook Apps and Facebook Tab Apps, but also provide an Artificial Intelligence Assistant to help your visitors navigate your site and use its features.

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{A.I. E-Commerce}

The A.I. E-Commerce Store brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to the world of E-Commerce.

This unique system provides businesses with a trainable Artificially Intelligent Assistant that can assist visitors to the application with things like finding products and product info, navigating around the application, adding products to cart and managing their cart, checking out, and managing their account.

In May 2017, we debuted the A.I. E-commerce Store at Collision Conference in New Orleans, in November this year we proudly took the A.I. E-Commerce store to WebSummit 2017 in Lisbon.

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TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence

{TASS Computer Vision}

TASS is the core of our computer vision projects. We have two open source versions of TASS, TASS and TASS PVL which are both available through our GitHub. In addition to our open source versions we are also working on two commercial applications built on the foundations of TASS, more details will be released soon so keep an eye out.

A version of TASS won the Intel Experts Award at the Intel / Microsoft IoT World Congress Hackathon, and since then has gone from strength to strength. In May 2017 we demonstrated TASS at the Intel Booth @ Codemotion Amsterdam and more recently we demonstrated the project at Web Summit Lisbon.

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TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence
TechBubble Technologies Artificial Intelligence

{BubbleNLU Engine}

BubbleNLU is a state of the art Deep Learning NLU Engine (Natural Language Understanding). The project has been created to provide the TechBubble Technologies EcoSystem with a more advanced and efficient A.I. assistant, TIA, who is soon to replace TOA in all TechBubble Technologies systems including the IoT JumpWay / IntelliLan products and services and A.I. Hybrid Application products.

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ARC, the TechBubble Technologies GUI

ARC: The TechBubble GUI

ARC is the the TechBubble Technologies GUI, the central control panel that allows businesses to manage their TechBubble Technologies products and services.

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