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{Bespoke Video Design}

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{Bespoke Video Design}

Whether it is a promotional product video, a promotional event video or a Facebook page banner, videos can get your message out there like no other form of marketing can.

TechBubble Technologies offer a range of bespoke video design services, ranging from simple but effective video logos and social media video banners, to promotional product and event videos, product demonstration videos and tutorial videos.


{Promotional Event Videos}

Having a big technology or dance event soon? What better way to promote the event to the world than a professional promotional event video?

With exciting clips from past events, great background music, and features of the event you most want people to know about, you can create a visual picture in peoples minds of how exciting your event will be, and why they need to be there.

Combined with a well thought out social media campaign, your video can get the reach it needs to touch the people that you want to see it.


{Promotional Product Videos}

People love to watch videos, what better way to get people to know about your new product than a promotional video that lets people see exactly what your product is, and how they will use it in their everyday life.

Unlike product demo videos, promotional product videos show your product being used in real life scenarios, explaining visually how people will use and benefit from your product.

Promotional product videos may be made up of real footage or animated content.


{Product Tutorial Videos}

Businesses spend a lot of time on customer support and helping their customers to use their products and services.

A great use of videos is to provide product tutorials that explain each feature of your product, and how customers can use it and make the most of it. You can feature your product tutorial videos in your website support area, making them easily accessible for customers.

Product tutorial videos are not only a benefit to businesses, helping them cut down time spent on customer support. But also easy for customers to digest.


{Social Media Videos}

Social media is a great way to make the most of the power of video marketing. During the last year, users of social media have adopted videos very well, contributing to the sharing of videos and helping the videos achieve natural growth.

In addition to organic reach, businesses can combine their videos with targetted ads, making sure that the people that they want to see the video do.

A great way to use videos on social media is as banners for your business Facebook page. Facebook recently released the ability for pages to upload videos as cover photos, meaning that businesses can display professional videos as soon as people hit their Facebook page.


{Educational Videos}

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